a transformational healing path for women 


Sacred Arts Muse, Yogini, Mystical Dancer, Blessing Singer, Moon Alchemist, Writer, Nature Lover & Beauty Spirit, Bellé Flora, will guide you into a natural union of body, mind, voice, heart & soul. You will find out who you are, what you are destined to do and where you are going. You will  become the inspiration for many with your authentic, precious, unique, feminine being, because YOU ARE A MOON SWAN WOMAN. 


She embraces her light and her shadow. She follows the cycles of the Moon and her own inner voice into the unknown. She trusts her intuition and dives deep into her own soul for nourishment. She is shedding old skin when it is needed, letting go consciously of that, which is not in alignment with her integrity, her values and her highest good. She may feel fear, but she moves courageously with natural grace and strength in the direction of her longing. She inspires beauty and emanates beauty. Her being is musical, creative and spiritual. Honouring her unique talents, she serves a greater cause with love, power, purpose, prosperity, gratitude and wisdom. 

You are an artist in your own right. The revelation of your true Self without masks, shame, nor guilt is your most important work of art. In the Bellé Flora - Sacred Arts Seminarium you will learn how to integrate 8 healing practices for a beautiful, healthy body, youthful radiant skin, a balanced nervous system, an inspired, creative mind, emotional wisdom, a powerful voice and a sovereign life style in resonance with your highest good.

If you want to experience deep connection with all that is



The magical unfolding of wild and human nature makes me smile 


You are here to honour your talents with gratitude and generosity. You came to love deeply and to be loved with devotion. You have a brave heart and wise soul. You are the artist of your life. You are not only worthy, you are so much more. You are a one-of-a-kind divine woman.  It is your birthright and responsibility to take your place, which is yours alone to shine bright, and light up the world.


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