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Body sings soul = the art to express your true nature

Who am I, why I am here and where do I go?

If we avoid asking ourselves these questions concsiously, they are still inbuilt in our biochemical system and can create confusion, emotional imbalances and in extreme cases even depression or deep rooted fears, if not adressed. Yet once we let these questions reverberate we might find out that they help us to understand the purpose in our lives.

Most people ask themselves instead: "How will I become happy?" They start trying to reach happiness through relationships, material success, addictions, adventure, knowledge, status, spirituality etc. After a short glimpse of happiness, they find themselves still searching for their real happiness. Nothing could give them lasting pleasure what Western society nowadays equals with happiness.

"Know thyself" is the ancient inscription at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and hands us the key to live a fulfilled joyful life or to put it in my own words, to achieve the state we are in when our body sings soul.

It remains the burning question, how do I get there?

Only through the art of expressing your true nature. None of us is equal to the other. We all may have similar needs but our nature is unique. We all are a one-of-a-kind flower waiting to unfold, to blossom, to show our beauty, to receive the light, to shine and grow, this is our purpose in life.

Yet again how do I do that? What do I have to do?

There is not one way or formula for everybody, but many different regarding the individual nature of the person asking.

I created body sings soul as a path for human beings which are drawn to grace and beauty, to refinement, creativity, yoga, music, dance and spirituality. On this path we gather ancient knowledge and tantric practices to develop the art to express our true nature.