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Let it be ...

Many times we don't feel good enough especially when we are driven by the ego. We question our abilities, our knowledge, our appearances, our social interactions basically anything. We start comparing ourselves with others often people we idealise and the sensation not living up to our highest hopes and standards undermines our creativity and authentic self expression. We are frustrated and turn into the victim of our own thoughts and inner criticism. We don't start or stop trying, we put on masks and hide behind them, we create apologies in order to avoid action. We accumulate anger and fear. We try to make it right at any prize and loose our own unique way of being and our personal style along the way. We sacrifice our joy to be alive and we miss out to share our amazing gifts with the world. Even if you might think that this self torture is not curable, I tell you there is a solution, which is far easier than you might think. First you accept every moment, situation and person including yourself. You do not try to change anything, you do not listen to the voice in your head. You let go of control. You allow your essence to emerge. You slow down and breathe and offer yourself as a channel for the divine impersonal higher self. You just let it be.