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I think therefore I create

The French philosopher René Descartes stated almost 400 years ago "I think therefore I am". Many times I would like to alter this phrase into "I think therefore I suffer". 'Why is it that our thoughts can be so destructive and not only disturbing our peace of mind, but even the normal functioning of our body? Of course it is a good thing that we have the capacity to reflect and to explore the various angles of any subject, but when our thoughts turn into our torturers we need to find ways to free ourselves from that burden. Yoga, meditation, dancing, listening to music, singing, any kind of sport or creative endavour, where we can fully concentrate on and bring our awareness outside our head, help us to do that. What happens to our thoughts or better put to the quality of our thoughts during this process? They are consciously pointed towards something. The effect of this kind of thought is very powerful, because they are used with intention and direction. Since we all know by now that energy follows thought, the quality of our life depends mainly on our thoughts. So it is not even the situation we are in, but the thoughts we have about it. Byron Katies "The Work" functions so well, because during the inquiry process of a destructive thought, the several layers are analyzed and the interwoven emotional story behind the thought is revealed. The following turning around of the thought reflects the other side of the story back to us. So this is a really precious tool for self enquiry and self improvement. I want to take this further though. After the first step of laying bare the thoughts, I suggest to take the next step and start choosing the thoughts. In my opinion this is the key to create a fulfilled, harmonious, loving and healthy life. Here is a simple training method in order to purify your thoughts, gain mental strength and finally be able to select the thoughts you want.

1. Write your beliefs down and read them a couple of times

2. Let the feelings and emotions arise and observe them

3. Embrace yourself and the situation with all your heart

4. Let go of expectations, judgments and comparations

5. Identify the thought which serves your inner balance and joy

6. Concentrate on gratitude

I find that after reading the beliefs aloud, they loose their grip and I can clearly feel that this is not the truth nor the reality. Observing the feelings and emotions is often a creative push for me. Opening up for the experience triggers the sage inside of me. Let´s face it. If I am in a certain situation and I did not change anything yet, because it serves me in some way. Not getting stuck in pre-set modes is a relief and clears the way to become whole and serene. Finding the strength to welcome loving thoughts changes the biochemistry of the body and energizes the mind which automatically leads to more equilibrium and wellbeing. And finally concentrating on gratitude is pure medicine for burdened minds and deseased bodies.

This is why I decided to choose my thoughts wisely.